Lyndon Heart Lyndon Heart


Music For Hire

If you’re interested in hiring me or my band for performances, here’s how!


As a general rule, I don’t currently play weddings, conventions or events as a solo performer unless your last name is Hilton and you’re offering to fly me to Aruba for the gig.

If you have more money than sense please feel free to make me an offer I can’t refuse.

My Band

If you are looking to book Tweety & The Tom-Cats for an engagement, please contact our bass player, Tom Austin:  (206) 369-2468

Second Life

If you are looking to book me for a Second Life gig, you can contact me at lyndonheart ~at~ gmail ~dot~ com. You can also IM me in-world or drop a notecard on me. However, due to the large number of groups I belong to, things sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Please follow-up if you don’t hear from me.

Alternately, you can contact my SL booking agent, Maali Beck in Second Life; she is far more organized than I am and less likely to lose things.

My general fee is L$5000 – L$8000 per hour depending on traffic and tips. I am happy to negotiate special circumstances.

I am only currently only play charity events organized by people I’m previously familiar with as my schedule allows.


If you are looking to book me for studio time, I am currently only offering acoustic guitar, electric guitar and mandolin services. Original music will need to be provided at least one week prior to recording date — preferably two to three weeks, if possible.

My average recording fees are $100/hour. Blocks of time can also be negotiated for a flat fee.

You can contact me directly at lyndonheart ~at~ gmail ~dot~ com.