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If we haven’t been in touch in a spell, please be aware that I am currently living with, navigating, and managing the daily quirks and whammies that come along with journeying through Parkinson’s Disease. I no longer play or perform gigs and if you thought my typing and communication were slow before, well…let’s just say you’re not going to have to worry about getting any long letters from my direction.

I do have a wonderful, loving family and a great support system, and there are lots of vids and recordings here on the site to give you a fix when you need ’em. I peek in from time to time when I can in social media, SL, and other haunts, but please know I’m not always able to chat or communicate as I wish I could.

Thanks for always being awesome friends and fans!

T H E  * M A N

George Michael

George Michael "The Man"

I was born quite a few years prior to my emergence into Second Life as Lyndon Heart. In fact, I was born quite a few years before that other George Michael from across the pond went and stole my stage name and made himself all famous with it.

For me, it all started with simple Midwest garage bands — kicking up the amps with friends and making the neighbors riot in my native South Chicago. But even in those green days, I knew I just wanted to make music. Over the decades, I amassed a not-too-shabby repertoire, had a lot of fun, and gotten into plenty of trouble. My loving family moved around with me from Colorado to California to Florida before we put down our more stubborn roots here on the outskirts of Seattle. Grandchildren! How the heck did those happen?

I’ve collaborated and contributed to countless US recordings and shared stages with performers such as Shania Twain, Brooks & Dunn, Tanya Tucker and Dan Seals as well as The Average White Band and Loudin Wairight III. I watched a concert once with Willie Nelson and there are a lot of gigs I only remember the start of. You know how it was back then.

T H E  * T O O N

Lyndon Heart

Lyndon Heart "The Toon"

Lyndon Heart was born January 10th 2006 and I promptly caught the Second Life live music bug.

I’ve made great friends, met amazing colleagues, and appeared on most of SL’s premiere stages. How has it been so long?

These days I peek in briefly when I can, but my old computer doesn’t do me any favors on that front, and getting around and/or messaging can be a bit of a challenge.