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Unable to make it in person or pixel to a broadcast performance? You can listen to live simulcasts of my Second Life gigs by entering the following into your media player of choice:

If you’re running a Mac, it should open you’re iTunes player and start streaming the broadcast. If running another PC, it may either open your media player or take you to the shoutcast page. If this happens, check the “Current Stream Information” and the “Server Status” below. If you see that the “Server is currently down” you’re trying to access it too early. Wait til closer to the show time and try again until the status changes to “Server is Public” then click the “Listen” in the white and blue lettered bar above. This will enable your music player of choice (ie; iTunes, Music Match, WMP etc.)

Please let me know if, when following these instructions, you are still unable to stream my show so I can ask some of my more knowledgable friend why this is happening!

Should you enjoy what you hear, you can send tips & stream donations to the artist via PayPal:

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