Lyndon Heart Lyndon Heart

Move Away

Move Away
Music & Lyrics:
Lyndon Heart

Do you really think we’ve got something here
Do you feel you want to be with me alone
How can you say you’re ready to settle down
When you haven’t even broken ground

I remember when love was high
But now it’s time to say goodbye
We can’t grow closer; we’re growing apart
So move away, little lady, save your heart

You’ve been fooling yourself
I’m in this rock and roll game
And I know you, woman, it’ll dive you insane
You’ve got to get out while you can
‘Cause there’s no turning back
I’m a rock and roll man
Please listen to me

So move along, little lady
Do yourself good
I’m leaving for Denver in the morning
There’s so much left here for you to be doing
So I’ll keep in touch
But I’ve got to go