Lyndon Heart Lyndon Heart

Colorado Rain

Colorado Rain
Music & Lyrics: Lyndon Heart

In the morning like a Colorado rain
Without warning and never twice the same
Always when I least expect it she comes around
This time to tell me another man has let her down
He let her down

Now she don’t want nobody; she can make it on her own
She don’t need nobody; she’s alone alone alone
Now she don’t know but she’s been told that true love is real
And she wants to believe it, but that’s just not the way it feels

In the end she will always come to me ’cause I’m her friend
And she knows I’ll always be
Someone she can lean on when things go wrong
A place where she can stay till she is ready to go on
And she’s strong again

I will hold her when she’s down
When the times are cruel
When I know it’s cirsis time
I will see it through
When she’s feeling sad and lonely
I will tell her true:
Baby when it’s all been said and done
I love you

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