T H E  * M A N

George Michael

George Michael "The Man"
George Michael “The Man”

George Michael was born quite a few years prior to Lyndon Heart’s emergence into Second Life and, in fact, before “that other George Michael across the pond” who can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble.

For George, it all started with simple Midwest garage bands — kicking up the amps with friends and making the neighbors riot in his native South Chicago. But even in those green days, he had the indelible mark of music inscribed upon his heart and soul. Over the last three decades, George has amassed a repertoire and garnered the kind of experience that makes most musicians salivate in envy. Freely exploring his profession, he has engaged the battlefields of music scenes from Colorado to California to Florida before putting down roots within his current homebase of Seattle. Vamping on everything from Van Halen to Van Morrison on guitar, vocals, and the rare mandolin, George’s focus has been on making music – great music – and he’s loved every minute of it.

With a vocal style that spans a diverse range of airy-textured ballads, roaring, gritty-edged power rock, reinterpretations of contemporary hits, and avant-garde indie lesser-knowns, George likes to think his music runs the gamut. As such, his guitar method evolves, incorporates and keeps pace by embracing a range of techniques from intricate open-tuned finger picking and gentle slides to crunchy blues riffs and experimental funk.

He has collaborated and contributed to over 40 US recordings and shared stages with performers such as Shania Twain, Brooks & Dunne, Tanya Tucker and Dan Seals as well as The Average White Band and Loudin Wairight III.

Currently, George works a day job, teaches guitar, writes songs, plays live music with Seattle-based Shadrack Band and Tweety And The Tomcats, and torments his friends and family by remaining the world’s most insufferable coffee snob.


T H E  * T O O N

Lyndon Heart

Lyndon Heart "The Toon"
Lyndon Heart “The Toon”

Lyndon Heart was born January 10th 2006 and promptly caught the Second Life live music bug.

He has since appeared on most of SL’s premiere stages and brought his eclectic repertoire of acoustic rock, folk, and blues to an avid flock of digital fans. With a playlist that encompasses a range of originals, covers, and lesser-known gems, Lyndon’s gigs are all about the music while inspiring a crowd to dance, wiggle, and squeal.

Generally appearing 3 – 4 times a week in-world as a solo performer, accompanied by colleagues, or as part of the band Tweety & the Tomcats, Lyndon has no intention of slowing down his enthusiastic tour of SL’s music venues.

Don’t miss the fun! Check out Lyndon’s current calendar of appearances!

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